Our exclusive two-piece oil pans and Baffle-Balls are examples of the leading-edge technology that all types of racers have come to expect from Jeff Johnston’s Billet Fabrication.

Every aluminum oil pan features 1/2″ inch thick rails and end seals milled from 6061 billet, then heliarc welded to .090-inch, 3003-alloy walls (except for marine pans, whose walls are fully .125-inch thick).  Billet rails prevent warping and leaking after repeated on/off cycles, keeping the gaskets (and oil) in place after years of use.


  • Two-Piece Pan
    Our Best Seller!! Two-piece pans are incredible for anyone concerned with main-bearing life and who perform regular bottom-end inspections. These pans are fast becoming essential for those using power adders.
  • Oil Control
    Whether you're looking for extra horsepower or trying to cure a top-end low oil pressure issue, controlling oil flow on all places of the race track is essential. Billet Fab provides multiple options for your racing operation.
  • O-Rings
    O-rings provide a positive seal and replace the need for gaskets and messy silicone, thus making bottom-end inspections quick and easy. At Billet Fabrication, captive O-rings are an option on all flat-sealing surfaces on our pans.
  • Dry Sumps
    While dry-sump oiling systems have been popular in the professional categories for years, more sportsman racers switch to them everyday. Whether you need a 3, 4, or 5 stage pan, Billet Fab has what you need.

In our popular two-piece pans — offered for BOTH wet-sump and dry-sump applications — all three rails are CNC-machined from billet aluminum. (**Beware of competitive models using sheet-metal rails to attach the upper section to the engine block).  Our upper-section always remains mounted to the block; the easily-detached lower portion features captive-O-ring sealing that eliminates the need to deal with gaskets and/or silicone after every bottom-end inspection.  Two-piece pans are fast becoming essential for anyone utilizing a power adder and, consequently, concerned with main-bearing life.  Engine builders and dyno operators who regularly check the condition of the bearings and crankshaft appreciate the time savings and convenience of this design.  Two-piece pans are now available for all popular small-block and big-block V8s.



Billet Fabrication pans offer several standard features that we feel are essential for serious racers. Whether for drag-racing, oval-track, road-racing or marine applications, every pan provides a full “power kickout” that helps keep oil away from the crankshaft, reducing the power-loss potential. We strive to provide the biggest kickout possible (up to four inches) that still allows the pan to fit your vehicle, without modifications to either the pan or chassis components. We specialize in engineering high-capacity aluminum pans that clear stock frames (e.g., Fox Mustangs and popular GM bodies of the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s).

Whatever high-performance vehicle you drive, we’re here to make a custom pan for you.  Check out our popular pan dimensions and give us a call TODAY!



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